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Mediation Services

Mediation services are an alternative dispute resolution method (ADR) in which disputing parties can seek to resolve a case without going to court. A third-party, agreed upon by both parties, acts as a mediator so they may seek to reach a settlement concerning their dispute. When selecting a mediator, you should consider a professional with law training and expertise relevant to your case.

The mediator does not make a decision on the case for the affected parties. Rather, he helps them by providing a framework in which they can come to their own decision. Mediation can be used in nearly any type of dispute.

Contracts may contain a clause requiring parties to seek mediation before taking further action as well. Many cases that use mediation services are settled without going to court. If you are confident that a settlement can be reached and that you can avoid extra time and costs associated with further litigation, mediation may be an ideal choice for your case.


We are pleased to announce John Fitzgerald as a certified mediator.

For more information on scheduling a mediation, please contact our office.


John O. Fitzgerald, II

John O. Fitzgerald, II

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